Vehicle Registration

The issuance of motor vehicle permits and titles are done at this office. Residents must come into this office to register their vehicles for the first time. If they are moving to New Hampshire from another state they must have the title to their vehicle if it is model year 2000 or newer. If you do not have the title, call the clerk for instructions. Vehicles are registered to the owner’s month of birth or lease company’s. Registering for the first time will be between 5 and 16 months prorated.

Non-commercial vehicles model year 1999 and older are exempt from Title.

If you are new to Town be sure you have proof of your residence. Rent or lease receipt, utility bill in your name, etc. and an ID.

For plate transfers the State requires the original registration to complete the transfer.  Credit on the registration goes with the plates and not the vehicle owner.

If you are renewing in person please bring in an old registration or the renewal notice per State law.

For your convenience, the office accepts payments online for motor vehicle renewals. To renew motor vehicle registrations online, please click here: Invoice Cloud MV Renewals. Paying online with a credit or debit card will incur a 3% convenience fee on top of your registration costs. Using an e-check is only $0.40.