Energy Committee

Canterbury Town Energy Committee Mission Statement

Mission: The Canterbury Energy Committee’s mission is to encourage and facilitate energy conservation, energy efficient practices, and the use of sustainable energy in the Town of Canterbury, including public buildings and properties, businesses, and resident homes.

Goals and Objectives:

1. We propose that in order to play a supportive role and function as a resource to the Selectmen and Town Departments, and other Town boards, committees, and commissions, that we first work to educate ourselves about existing conditions in Canterbury in matters relating to energy conservation, energy efficiency, ways to decrease town energy cost, and the reduction of Canterbury’s greenhouse gas emissions, and then work with the town to make appropriate recommendations, in matters including but not limited to these areas:

o   municipal buildings, facilities and operations

o   fuels, vehicles, machinery and transportation

o   agriculture and landscaping

o   waste management

o   responsible purchasing

o   housing and building codes

o   energy production and zoning concerning it

o   air quality

2. Build awareness among Canterbury residents, businesses, and other organizations regarding their energy consumption habits and demands, and the availability of more efficient and/or renewable energy resources.

3. Promote the incorporation of energy efficient features in new construction or renovation (both public and private) through education and outreach.

4. Seek grant opportunities and partnerships, where necessary, to provide financial assistance in the implementation of innovative energy initiatives.

5. (This may not be needed- we will ask the selectmen if it is:
Form subcommittees, as necessary, to focus on specific objectives of the Energy Committee including, without limitation, grant writing, education, public relations, and outreach.


Staff Contacts

Fred Portnoy
Ruth Heath
Sandy Hodsdon
Beth McGuinn
Claudia Leidinger
Jeff Beltramo